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Together with arteducator Marieke Herweijer we designed this education for the Practorate 'Valuing Differences'. Based on a theory from our client Birgit Pfeiffer, we used the Kaleidoscope symbol as a metaphor for both the content of her theory and the design. We have translated this in such a way that the different symbols, shapes and colors of the kaleidoscope are reflected in the layout of the booklet. We also work with transparency and references that are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.


To this theory belong so-called 'binoculars'. These are cards that match the theory; tools that help you to change your vision in a conversation about complex issues. For these cards a visual translation has been designed based on the theme of the kaleidoscope. The concepts, rotate, shake, zoom in and zoom out are used to  perform assignments and ask questions in a playful and practical way. The booklet also contains a QR-code that allows readers to design their own binocular cards and share their experiences. The target group of this project is first and foremost the teacher, coach and supervisor in MBO education.

Do you have an idea, theory or problem that you would like to translate more concretely? We design education that matches this.

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Helder communiceren. Een magazine, tijdschrift of infographic kan een mooi verhaal vertellen over jou product of dienst. Wij denken samen met jou na hoe we het magazine in een spraakmakende layout kunnen opzetten en geven deze met oog voor detail vorm. Laat klanten ook jouw verhaal zien en lezen! Neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op.


December 2022

A pleasant and inspiring collaboration around the book Kaleidoscopic view of complex issues for the Practorate Appreciating Differences


Education Design | DTP

Birgit Pfeiffer | Appreciating Differences Practice

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