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''Powerful, playful and businesslike design arises from the right involvement. We call that creative branding.”

Bruggeling | Founder


creative branding

It can be quite difficult as a startup or advanced company to get your wishes regarding your corporate identity, logo and overall visual appearance in order or to keep it that way. We help guide this process in the right way and think along with you about how we can best market you visually. We call that creative branding. The quality of your products or services goes hand in hand with a correct and attractive appearance of your visual identity, and that for an attractive price. So let's lift you up!

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the person first

To us very simple; we see the person first, then the customer. We approach everyone from the core that graphic design wants to tell something personal. Our designs translate a personal identity, vision, product or service. We believe that it is therefore essential to take a good look at what the wishes, the underlying story and the person behind a requested design encompass. As we say; 'strong design speaks especially when it comes together with the underlying vision'. By not just simply carrying out an assignment, but by making an inventory together of what the need is, we can better translate what the core of your product or service will be. In this way striking designs are created that can communicate clearly and are also attractive in appearance. We call that 'Optakelen'!

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Studio Opgetakeld works as a freelance graphic design agency and was founded by Ruben Bruggeling. With an academic education and more than 10 years of experience, Ruben is at the helm of Studio Opgetaked. Where your project needs it, we work together with people from our area and use our network. For example, we have contact with teachers, artists, a communication & marketing agency and other (graphic) freelancers. Below is a selection from our network.

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our clients

Ministry of Defence | Goverment agencies | Coaching & training agencies | Cultural institutions| Educational institutions |  Business services | Social services | Marketing agencies | Start-ups & freelancers



The coffee corner!
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Micro office
Mega productive

Studio Opgetakeld is located in cozy Zwolle, we like to call our space a micro office. Uniquely quirky, just like our designs. With so many online appointments and the convenience of working digitally, you may wonder why you need all that extra space as a freelance graphic agency.

Super durable, low consumption and also super cozy. We also want to inspire others with our approach, use what you need and use your assets in a useful, creative and unique way. Invest where it is really necessary; your clients!

Do you still have doubts about our approach?Then let the reviews speak

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