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Logo design

An influential logo has a clear message and gives a clear picture of the company or product at a glance, and makes clever use of symbolism. We design such a logo for you.

Corporate identity & branding

A corporate identity guide provides a clear picture in a few pages of how you can apply and may use the visual elements within your company. Colors, fonts, shapes and the logo are all part of it. A clear corporate identity guide is attractive and informative. We help you with such a house style guide.

Printing, DTP, layout

Business cards, posters, flyers, magazines, educational materials, infographics you name it! Everything that can be printed and which we can provide with a great layout. Material to enhance your product or service.

Icons are an important part of many graphics projects. They are used to serve as symbols and to give information a bite-sized impression. Icons can add an extra layer to your work if you use them properly, and they also look extra attractive.

Icons, patterns, extras

Realistic looking landscapes or sleek graphic elements on your album cover for your new LP, single or release? Layered images with analog and digital techniques.

album covers

Illustrations & infographics support a story or give information extra attention. They summarize information in a clever way or tell a story themselves. They can also help translate complicated material. Let us provide you with some great illustrations for your book, poster, album cover or other printed matter. 

Illustrations & infographics

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Web design + Hosting & maintenance

We design a fully functioning (wordpress) website for you. We apply the corporate identity of your company. It is easy for you as a customer to adjust texts or make other changes and to gain insight into the statistics of your website. For a monthly fee we update the site based on your wishes and offer hosting. Look at his table for the rates.

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