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Emotional Intelligence

February 2023


Woodland Emotional Intelligence provides courses for companies and government agencies in advanced conversational techniques. For this we made various graphic designs based on pieces of theory from the course book. A hybrid form of infographic and illustration. This way of displaying the theory can be better understood by the students and they can link important concepts to a visual element such as an icon, color or concept. This summarizes a larger piece of theory more clearly. We have developed a style and color palette that matches the client's logo and exudes a calm atmosphere that is easy to read visually. A touch of color here and there as a highlight guides the eye and creates visual balance.

For privacy reasons, certain terms have been omitted or made blurry and we cannot show all models. Below, however, a good impression of the style set up.

Translating complicated material we help you with that.We think along with you about how visuals can properly frame your information, how you can present a lot of information in a streamlined way and ensure that your message is clearly communicated. Get in touch with us.


Februari 2023

We zijn erg tevreden over de samenwerking met Ruben. Ruben heeft didactische modellen die wij in ons hoofd hadden, goed weten te vertalen naar mooi vormgegeven producten. Daarnaast kwam hij altijd zijn afspraken na, wat wij ook heel belangrijk vinden. Een aanrader!


Ontwerp & illustratie theorie modellen

Woodlandei Emotional Intelligence

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