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oktober 2022
poster & logo


We developed this fresh logo and poster for the library in Hengelo center. The icon of the microphone is reflected in the logo design that can appeal to young and old, the font is in line with the open and informative character of the lectures. We made this poster for the first lecture. In the design, we thought about how simple reuse of the layout can be guaranteed for the customer. A portrait of the speaker accompanied by clear texts and attractive colours.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 13-00-05.png

Let your printing shine! Posters are about clear and attractive communication. Colors, fonts and proportions must be in the right balance. This must then go hand in hand with the message you want to convey for your product or service. Do you also want posters that shine and communicate clearly? Get in  touch  and we can get to work for you.


December 2022

Ruben is a great designer to work with. Affordable, creative and keeps his promises. Because Ruben also makes art, he brings his own input and the design goes further than you had imagined.


Poster and logo design

Bastiaan van den Berg | Library Hengelo

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