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Corporate identity
freelance coach

The online art teacher is a platform where Marieke Herweijer can share her expertise as an art teacher, coach and artist. It must be accessible to the target group; young ambitious women who can use tools for their start-up or to discover and develop their talents in life. The online art teacher provides online training, writes blogs and inspires. This is also reflected in the house style;  An artistic, feminine and fresh look that can also have a playful shade.


Everything comes together here. Your corporate identity guide translates your personal visual wishes into an applied manual for your business operations. A total package and experience is thought of from all sides, including the logo, fonts, colors, use and application. It is essential for a strong brand, product or service to have your corporate identity guide in order and to ensure a universal impression. So let us lift you up with such a corporate identity guide, get in touch with us.


January 2022

Fine cooperation. Creates beautiful images. Punctually reliable and authentic in its style choices. He also sometimes comes up with extra ideas. Studio Ophalend has designed my house style for 'De Online Kunstdocent'.


Corporate identity design

Marieke Herweijer | The online art teacher

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