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March 2023
traffic situations


For the Board of Professional Drivers, we have designed over 200 traffic situations! The client provides online theory exams for trucks. Our idea was to design a sustainable system for the client with which the client can compile the desired traffic situations. That is why an isometric design has been chosen in which traffic signs, means of transport and roads can be placed and moved themselves. The depth of the isometric design remains the same, allowing the client to store more information in a smaller format. This offers the client a nice 'basic package' that can be used for many years. The elements are all designed from four different angles with shadows to keep the depth and placement of objects clear. The style is illustrative with a somewhat playful tint with recognizable colors so that clear situations are created. 

(This project anyway...)

Translating complicated material we help you with that.We think along with you about how visuals can properly frame your information, how you can present a lot of information in a streamlined way and ensure that your message is clearly communicated. Get in touch with us.


April 2023

Lodewijk Hulsman and I owners of the Board for Professional Drivers are very satisfied with Studio Opgetakeld. Ruben is a pleasant person to do business with. Clear in his communication. No unnecessary fuss but straight to the point. The assignment he has carried out for us fully meets what we expected. Recommended!


Illustrations traffic situations 

College for Professional Drivers

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