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Violin teacher
Logo & promotional material


Tomasz Aleksander Plusa is a violinist and violin teacher. We designed a logo for him and made an English and Dutch flyer. The target group is mostly young musicians, but the somewhat older violin player also gains a lot of professional experience with Tomasz Aleksander Plusa. The logo is made up of the letter 't'  which merges into the neck of the violin. 

Now ours 22st review!


February 2023

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Ruben. Ruben has been able to translate didactic models that we had in mind into beautifully designed products. In addition, he always fulfilled his agreements, which we also find very important. Recommended!


Design & illustration theory models

Woodlandei Emotional Intelligence

Let your printing shine! Posters and flyers are about clear and attractive communication. Colors, fonts and proportions must be in the right balance. This must then go hand in hand with the message you want to convey for your product or service. Do you also want promotional material that radiates and communicates clearly? Get in touch  so we can get to work for you.

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