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A workshop for schools where you learn how pinhole photography works, how to make your own pinhole camera and then develop your own photos. To top it all off, a digital exhibition!


This workshop consists of a digital manual for the student, a presentation that the teacher can use as an explanation in class. And the possibility to place photos in a digital exhibition space via the artsteps platform, which you can view at the bottom of this page. Interested in using this workshop at your school? Mail to


After students have learned how to develop their photo, they can convert it (with apps) to a digital version, and then present it digitally. Do you also want to exhibit photos online with your class, then download the education package.


Deze workshop is ontwikkeld door Studio Opgetakeld in samenwerking met Simon Rozendale en David Dillen. Niets van deze pagina of uit het educatiepakket mag zonder toestemming worden gedupliceerd, vermenigvuldigd of verspreid.

studio opgetakeld
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