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Birth card



This wonderful design that we were pleased to make was for the third little one in this family. The Peperbus van Zwolle is also at the party. A playful vibe has been chosen with the design of game figures wich are inspired by the 'meeples' from the board game 'Carcassonne': this family likes to play a fun board game every now and then!

geboortekaartje volledig Studio Opgetakeld
Peperbus Zwolle door Studio Opgetakeld
Meeple door Studio Opgetakeld
Meeple by Studio Opgetakeld
meeple  by Studio Opgetakeld
Meeple by Studio Opgetakeld
Buggy's illustratie door Studio Opgetakeld
duck by Studio Opgetakeld


Such an important moment! A birth announcement should convey something personal. At the same time, it should clearly represent information and inspiration. Let us design such a card. Feel free to Contact  us so we can get to work for you.

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