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water research


October 2023
method design

For Aqualysis we designed various cards that illustrate the process of water analysises in a fun and simpler way for researchers and employees. On each card a scenario is described that can be followed using arrows depending on the steps to be taken. To make the cards accessible and sustainable, a storage box was chosen and a matching sticker was designed as a label.

During the layout, careful consideration has been given to a balance between readability and information processing. The link to water is of course made in the use of color and the existing corporate identity 
applied and expanded with illustrative elements and icons. To present the card game and the new method within the company, a promotional poster has been designed that also briefly describes the method.


Translating complicated matter We will help you with that.We think about how visuals can properly frame your information, how you can display a lot of information in a streamlined manner and ensure that your message is communicated clearly. Nwithout any obligationcontact with us.


December 2023

If you are looking for a creative graphic designer who listens well, works carefully, pays attention to detail and generates ideas that perfectly match the intended purpose, then I highly recommend Ruben. It was a pleasure to work with him. Ruben supplies products that are visually attractive and have a professional appearance


Ryan Hoekman

Communication - Aqualysis

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